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An innovative Medical Device Management Suite


The LTM DaaS (Device-as-a-Service) model
provides End-to-End Medical Device Supply Chain services

ltm suite | connect

Connect, Monitor & Manage
multiple medical
devices in the field.

ltm suite | network

Create your own Network & be
linked with your customers &
providers in real-time.

ltm suite | support

Provide & Receive
Premium Support Services
on device failure.

ltm suite | plug'n play

LTM is a plug 'n play solution
which can be instantly integrated
on any medical device.

a compliant solution




LTM networking model

ltm suite | networking

the 3 modules of LTM

ltm dashboard
ltm dashboard

The Dashboard provides Compact & graphical Geolocation of field devices per Lab. The user has access to a powerful toolkit to monitor & optimize devices workflow. LTM Reports provide targeted content.

ltm mobile app
ltm mobile app

The mobile app (mltm) is an intuitive end-user tool designed for remote monitoring of running lab processes. It provides Real-time device status, Activity overview, History data & Error reports.

ltm web based portal
ltm web based portal

The Portal is the web-based LTM environment. It provides the tools required for field support and service activities on customer premises, both for online & offline devices.

LTM benefits for your business profile

support production sales end user

powerful tools

  • mobile app LTMdashboard LTM

    Complete records of device activities with download options.

  • mobile app LTMdashboard LTM
    Real-time Monitoring

    Simultaneous monitoring of multiple devices with real-time display of device-status.

  • dashboard LTM
    Log Files

    Immediate access to the device log files with download options.

  • web portal LTMdashboard LTM
    Software Manager

    List of all available application-specific Software. Option to download the latest software version even in offline devices.

  • web portal LTMmobile app LTMdashboard LTM
    Issue Tracker

    Direct two-way ticketing system with thecustomer via a multimedia messaging platform.

  • dashboard LTM
    Remote Sessions

    Remote Desktop for Live connection to the remote device pc and Live access to the device connected camera.

  • web portal LTMdashboard LTM

    Logging and full trace of service and maintenance events.

  • dashboard LTM

    LTM “Device Activity”, “Consumables” & “Reagent usage” reports provide valuable data for your business performance.

device traceability

ltm suite | Device Traceability

LTM Suite provides forward & backward traceability, among Manufacturers,
Suppliers & Distributors as imposed by the EU MDR/2017/745


ltm suite | architecture

go worldwide!

grow beyond your local market

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